Why Love & Struggle?

by C5Damani (old head of the movement) 

“In considering a problem, one must grasp its essentials and not be misled by superficialities.” *

With the surprising election of white nationalist trump and the subsequent reemergence of far right racism, it is necessary to reexamine our commitment to social justice, liberation, peace and freedom so that it becomes more than empty rhetoric and sloganeering. We are entering perilous times where autocratic and fascist tendencies are on the rise.

“It seems clear, certainly on the basis of historical evidence, that the advent of fascism is not a single event – a sudden coup d’ etat – but rather a protracted social process. The maturation of fascist’s tendencies is a correlative to the maturation of the revolutionary process… both arising out of the acute and general crisis of the social order.” *

LOVE & STRUGGLE will be a series of essays to address many of the contemporary issues involved in the social justice movements from Black Lives Matter to #me-too to LGBTQ to immigration, etc.

We say “Love & Struggle” because love is the bedrock for progress and the motivation for the struggle. Without love, struggle loses it’s raison d’ etre, forfeits its redeeming quality, severs its connection to the suffering of the real people we are struggling side-by-side with and fighting for.


*not my quote but appropriate for the situation. I have saved numerous quotes from numerous sources but over 40+ years in the struggle, I have simply forgot the exact source from which the quote emanates. If the reader remembers the author of the quote, please comment below.

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