nnq : day two

by C5Damani (old head of the movement)

“How refreshing to consume words that have meaning and depth. In the great and honored tradition of wisdom literature and if there is anything that could be called instant wisdom, ‘nigga notes & quotes’ fills that void. This book may be the finest book of quotes, anecdotes, sayings and sage bromides any people struggling for human dignity and liberation will ever read.”

Tanomar Akili Muumba
Black Poet Activist (Rest in Power)
when describing “nigga notes & quotes”*

day two :

“…by allowing themselves to become tools of the system, people perpetuate it and its inherent evils. White masses are just as guilty as white leadership because in tolerating injustices, in adjusting to society’s inequities, by simply remaining silent, they compromise their own integrity and bid the evil endure.”

author unknown or forgotten

“…in any situation of oppression, where oppression is subtle and covert, the masters always pretend they are not masters, insisting that they are doing what is best for the society as a whole, including slaves. This is, of course, the standard rhetoric of an oppressive society.”

author unknown or forgotten

“…blacks have often assumed a conscious conspiracy on the part of whites to mistreat and do them harm when there was no conscious intent, simply the case of motivated white men moving in accordance with a harmonious social system which is incidentally designed to crush blacks. The white man need not direct the instrument at all. It was programmed decades ago to exalt the white and demean the black. It is therefore, a mistake to assume that the white passenger devotes conscious thought and psychic energy to crushing blacks – not necessarily – he may never have given it a thought.”

author unknown or forgotten

*Since most of these quotes were collected prior to 1985 it means some of the authors of these quotes, I have simply forgotten… blame old age! (Ha) When the author is known, I will indicate it. When an author is not indicated, please forgive me and understand. Furthermore, this collection of quotes was first started as a personal endeavor never meant to be shared publicly thus the reason why some authors may not be indicated.

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