To my HTBINs – ep.1 (COVID 19)

by Bukata

~ Setting and context: you are entering into a much needed Universal Black Family conversation. It’s all love. ~

“WE are gather’d he’ah ta-day… to pay our respecks to the Happy… to be Ingnant (Ignorant)… Negroes!”

I love y’all.

I really do.

I love y’all flagrant misuse of sacred texts such as the Bible to further your wild assertions.

I love y’all dogged insistence on misquoting iconic Black leaders like Malcolm X to push fraudulent narratives.

I love y’all reckless conjecture (read C-O-N-Spiracy theorizing) about current events like COVID-19 is all to trick the slumbering Black Masses.

Again, I love y’all.

But… I hate y’all ass at the same time!

Damn… like why can’t you actually read the whole Bible to understand that God didn’t say believing in HIM makes you literally, physically invincible?!

Hell… if you actually studied a history book or listened to a whole Malcolm X speech or read his autobiography, you would know he wasn’t talking about “White Liberals” of 2020!?

Shit… if you really cared about Black people you would wake up to the fact that WE are the ones being hurt most by COVID-19!

Also, please use a different source than a poorly edited, grainy ass YouTube video with some negro in his basement laundry room talking about “the government is trying to trick you into talking this new COVID vaccine”.

For God sakes, using a plethora of cuss words along with the term sheep or fools or goofy or stupid or lost… a prophet does not make you!

And NAW… jheri curl juice or weed or 5G aint feminizing niggas for the homosexual agenda of the elite globalist gay aliens??!!

Gimme me a break!!!

No one can really be this happy to be ignorant, can they!?!?!?

Whew… I had to get that off my chest.

But seriously, my Happy To Be Ignorant Negroes (HBTINs): Please understand your so-called woke actions are directly aiding and abetting the harm of our people.

Let’s take for instance COVID 19 and HTBINs responses to this… First it was “no big thang. See we melaninated and that means we can’t catch the Rona. Be cool. Stay Woke.”

Then after Blacks folks started dying from COVID 19, it was “man them brothers and sisters ain’t really dead. They in Cuba with Pac. AND if they really did die if wasn’t from Rona! There was this lady on YouTube who said that they just listing any death a Rona death! Be cool. Stay Woke”

Then after more data and analysis came forth showing Blacks folks are dying at alarming rates and disproportionately as compared to the rest of the population, it was “Bill Gates using the Rona to to trick you slumbering Black folks! He trying to make yall take his vaccine for the virus that he created in a lab and get yall ass microchipped. He said it in this poorly edited YouTube video of his TEDTalk. Don’t fall for it my people. Be cool. Stay Woke.”

After the masses of Black folks like Michael Eric Dyson, Oprah Winfrey, Etan Thomas, Jay-Z, elected officials Hakeem Jeffries, Maxine Waters, Ayanna Pressley, historians Ibram X. Kendi and our forever President Barack Obama loudly rejected such nonsense, it was “ah… ah… watch this video. The media don’t want you to see this video. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, all keep taking it down cause they know it is the truth. It is called PLANdemic!! Get it… ‘plan’ substituted for ‘pan’ in the word ‘pandemic’!?!?!? You know it got to be real with a real ass title like that!! Be cool. Stay Woke. I holla at cha.”

All the while brothers and sisters continued to die at troubling rates. At one point, 70% of COVID deaths in Chicago. Illinois were Black folks. All the deaths in St. Louis, Missouri at one point were Black folks. The majority of COVID deaths in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, my hometown, were Black middle aged men. WE were dying at such high rates from COVID that official efforts have begun to track the specific numbers within the Black community by anti-racist historian and lecturer Ibram X Kendi. Kendi even penned an essay trying to bring greater context to why Black folks were dying at higher rates from COVID 19 highlighting a history of neglect, discrimination and targeting by America. But none of this convinced your HTBINs that shit was/is real and we need to approach it with all the seriousness we can muster. But naw… yall negroes decided to listen to Tariq Nasheed cause he “smelled the finesse coming because they were pubbing this Black woman doctor who was leading the search for a vaccine”. See in HTBINs schema this means that you know it ain’t for US when it is made by US. They want you to believe that it is for US but it really ain’t. See that’s the finesse. Damn… HTBINs logic is impeccable, right?

I love yall negroes… I really do… BUT I can’t stand yall at the same time. LBVS… that is just too much damn happy to be that ingnant!

Check back for episode 2 of “To My HBTINS!

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