The Struggle Continues…

By C5Damani (Old Head of the Movement)

I’m not feeling well today, my heart and soul is hurting. These last few days have been especially bad. Ahmaud Arbery gunned down in broad daylight by two armed white men vigilantes, while jogging, reminding me of Trayvon Martin, a black teen murdered walking home from the store by a neighborhood so called patroller (vigilante). Black in White space.

“…the United States does not-as-yet have a formal “pass” system. However, whites invariably assume that anyone who possesses a black face ought to explain his presence. “What are you doing here?” is the continual question in white minds, and the very look he is given tells the black man that such a question is being raised. In effect, a black skin is a “non-pass” , a negative credential that automatically casts doubt on it’s holder’s right to enter off-limits territory. “

Andrew Hacker
“The End of the American Era”

Trayvon Martin ‘s murderer got off scott-free, even made money from it. Color me angry.

Ahmaud Arbery was murdered two months before the video of his murder was released to the public. His mother had been lied to that her son, Ahmaud was killed while committing a burglary, and the murderers were not arrested at the time. Now I’m pissed beyond consoling. But as of today they have been arrested and charged and jailed. But, past experience with whites killing blacks leaves me worried about justice for Ahmaud and family and black people.

“…justice is beautiful son, but sometimey… So always keep your rifle clean.”

author unknown

Memorial Day was not a good day. The NY Times published a list (with pictures) of the nearly 100,000 dead Americans, a disproportionate amount of black and brown, killed by the deadly COVID 19 pandemic. Just heartbreakingly sad. Trump played golf. It has been said…

“…The death of ten thousand is a statistic, the death of one man is a tragedy”

author unknown


“I can’t breathe, officer, sir” – George Floyd, moments before dying with a white policeman’s knee pressing down forcefully on his neck. (Eric Garner 2, I’m so, so tired of sequels). I’m Mad, thinking about PAYBACK!

“…this monster – the monster they’ve engendered in me will return to torment its maker from the grave, the pit, the profoundest pit. Hurl me into the next existence; the descent into hell won’t turn me. I’ll crawl back to dog his trail forever. I’m part of a righteous people who anger slowly but rage undamned. We’ll gather at his door in such a number that the rumbling of our feet will make the earth tremble. We’re going to charge them for this, 400 years without gratification; we’re going to charge them like maddened, wounded, rogue male elephants, ears flared, trunks raised, trumpets blaring…I’ll do my dance in his chest, and the only thing he’ll ever see in my eyes are daggers to pierce his cruel heart. I am one NIGGER who is POSITIVELY DISPLEASED. I’ll never forgive, I’ll never forget and if I’m guilty of anything at all, it’s of not leaning on them hard enough. WAR WITHOUT TERMS.”

George Jackson
Black Panther Party

Can’t take much more. But there is more on this day. White woman, Amy Cooper, called the police on a black man claiming he threatened her and she feared for her safety. It was a LIE. But Emmet Till shows you that a lie can be deadly. The Black man’s wise judgement to video the encounter possibly saved his life.

My soul is being pained.

Ten people killed in Chicago (Black). Misguided warriors who kill their own people. My soul is being crushed.

The next day, my soul is in recovery, so much death, so much suffering. I’m not well. I’ll watch TV. America’s got Talent. I need some relief.


As soon as I began watching, Archie Williams comes on stage. An aged older black man, a proud, dignified black man. He was asked to tell the judges and audience something about himself. He paused, gathered himself and said sadly and painfully, “I was incarcerated for 37 years for a crime someone else committed. A white woman was raped and I was charged, convicted, and incarcerated in Angola state penitentiary in Louisiana. DNA freed me and fingerprints found at the crime matched a serial rapist”.

He sang a heart wrenching song, the audience and judges cried, I did as well. The audience broke into applause, he SMILED.

MY hope is renewed.

I’m back to fight another day.

The struggle continues…

1 thought on “The Struggle Continues…

  1. Katherine Sallstrom June 1, 2020 — 8:30 pm

    I, too, had tears for Archie Williams. To share his history followed by lyrics that express his inner most emotions so well was chilling. Then to have the repressive and violet details of Black history playing out in unspeakable ways in the living rooms of society this past week provided a jolting backdrop for Mr. Williams’ entire life. This expose gave prose to the hundreds of years before this moment. Lip service is given to change, but the outcome remains the same.

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