Happy Holidays Y’all 🖤

I share the collective sentiment that 2020 has been a hellavu year! So much suffering and loss, and crazy! Sometimes we push through and try to carry on… and other times we pause, by choice or circumstance, and are forced to confront the enormity of it all…

This time of year is difficult for me… my heart is particularly tender. Since my mother’s passing in August of 2018, I continue to struggle. She loved Christmas and wanted it to be special for everyone! About a year ago my oldest brother fell suddenly ill and passed in January of this year. I am still heartbroken… Let me tell you, he loved his little sister and I loved him back!! I miss them both dearly!

Some of what I’ve learned from my personal losses, those I mention above as well as other life changes, is to try and live with purpose. Love on purpose. Surround myself with good people on purpose. Care for others and myself on purpose. Laugh on purpose. Try to make a difference in this world on purpose. And so on…

In the spirit of the season, and because it is long overdue, I write this post. I am humbled and grateful to be a part of this Love & Struggle team. First, the blog: The brilliance and wisdom that C5Damani (the old head of the group) brings, along with the intellect and wit that Bukata brings… I am constantly learning and striving to up my game! Second, WRITE ON RACE: Thank you, Bukata, for being a visionary and inviting me join you. The effort, the book, soon to be the brand! I purposefully do this work to make a difference, and we are! It is soul work, a labor of love. Thanks to all of you that have have shown support and encouragement. And stay tuned, we’ve got Big things coming in 2021!

Finally, about filling your life with good people on purpose, I can’t imagine a better friend and colleague than you, Bukata! Please know that I appreciate and value you so much! 🖤

Happy Holidays, Y’all! May you find peace, wonder, and goodness in the coming year and beyond. Take good care, wear a mask!

Love & Struggle! Stacy

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