BHM Quotes Day Five

by Love & Struggle Team

Celebrate Black Excellence!

As we embark into Black History Month 2021, let us never forget the resilience of Black folks to “still be here” to forge an existence in a land that never wanted them. We thank Dr. Carter G. Woodson for creating “Negro History Week” in 1926 which later grew into Black History Month. We must always lift up our past, reflect on the lessons learned as a people and fight for the liberation of the Universal Black Family here in the United States.

Each day of this month, we will provide a Black History Month Quote for the restoration of the collective mind, body and spirit of the Black Masses.

…it is our duty to unite with all those who are still wavering and hesitating (these people will waver for a long time to come, and even after they have become steady, will waver again as soon as they meet difficulties), give them sincere help, criticize their wavering character, educate them, win them over to the side of the masses and tell them to cast away illusions and prepare for struggle.

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