BHM Quotes Day Twenty-Eight

by Love & Struggle Team

Celebrate Black Excellence!

In Black History Month 2021, let us never forget the resilience of Black folks to “still be here” to forge an existence in a land that never wanted them. We thank Dr. Carter G. Woodson for creating “Negro History Week” in 1926 which later grew into Black History Month. We must always lift up our past, reflect on the lessons learned as a people and fight for the liberation of the Universal Black Family here in the United States.

Each day of this month, we will provide a Black History Month Quote for the restoration of the collective mind, body and spirit of the Black Masses.


If I’m not mistaken, I once read
Back during that short spell I spent in school
Where every slave set free
Was suppose to get for slaving
40 acres and a mule.

Now ain’t no telling how much work was done
By my ancestors under slavery’s rule,
But sure as hell the totals got to run
At least to 40 acres and a mule.

Now I’m not saying this to see folks sweat,
Cause I’m not bitter, neither am I cruel,
But ain’t nobody paid for slavery yet,
…uh about my 40 acres and my mule.

We had a promise that was taken back
And when we hollered it was hush, be cool
Well me, I’m being rowdy, hot and black

Don’t tell me not to get myself upset,
Don’t look at me like I’m some kind of ghoul
Just answer quietly when do I get,
My goddamn 40 acres and my mule.

No thanks, I’ll take my own self out to lunch,
No thanks, I’ll dig me my own swimming pool
And lay and play around with my own bunch
If I had 40 acres and a mule.

Cause interest got to go on, just like rent,
And I may be crazy but I ain’t no fool

100 years of debt at 10% ,per year, per 40 acres
And per mule.

Now add that up..oowee look-a-there,
No wonder y’all called great grandma a jewel
Just pay me that and call the whole thing square
Yes lawdy – 40 ACRES AND A MULE.

Oscar Brown Jr

Oscar Brown Jr.  was an American singer, songwriter, playwright, poet, civil rights activist, and actor. Aside from his career, Brown ran unsuccessfully for office in both the Illinois state legislature and the U.S. Congress. Brown wrote many songs (125 have been published), 12 albums, and more than a dozen musical plays.

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