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WRITE on RACE to be RIGHT on RACE community journaling initiative, a copyrighted process and program, challenges you to critically WRITE about RACE and its impact upon your individual and our collective lives. We ask that you deeply engage in the following information that is meant to “prompt” you to journal, meditate, digest, and chew on the challenging dynamics of RACE, racism, white privilege and white supremacy. We encourage you to invite others to take this deep dive in to the various ways that RACE impacts our lives. We urge you to honestly dialogue with each other about the “prompt” topics in an attempt to be RIGHT on RACE in your home, your circle and your community or organization. Having someone to exchange with while on this journey will further embed the lessons and learnings. Through writing and discussing RACE honestly and courageously, you will form active relationships on RACE that will assist you in being actively anti-racist in your thoughts, words, and deeds!

The WRITE on RACE Resource Journaling Guide moves the reader through a deep dive and meaningful journey through RACE and it impacts on many areas of our life. The book details the RACE in its relationship to key areas such as: The Past, Present and Future of RACE, Social Impacts of RACE, RACE & Criminal Justice, RACE & Education, RACE & Income, RACE & Housing, RACE & Health and RIGHT on RACE recommendation formation.

The original WRITE on RACE was launched in Mankato, Minnesota in October 2016. It was a two-year initiative that challenged hundreds in the greater Mankato community to critically think, journal and dialogue about RACE in an effort to create anti-racist allies instead of non-racist bystanders.

The WRITE on RACE Resource Journaling Guide contains two-years worth of material, readings and information that forces the reader to engage deeply with the remnants of this powerful social construct on ourselves, our communities and our society.

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ISBN: 978-1-7348809-0-8

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