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LOVE & STRUGGLE is a series of essays to address many of the contemporary issues of Black life and social justice movements from Black Lives Matter to #me-too to LGBTQ to immigration.

LOVE  & STRUGGLE will serve as the vehicle for sharing personal reflections, philosophical foundations and various ideological positions on race and other issues impacting Black Life and social justice in Mankato, in Minnesota and in America.

This blog will feature guest contributors, interviews with community influencers, essays on cross-racial encounters and existence, book reviews, black cultural music, videos, and much more.

We say “Love & Struggle” because love is the bedrock for progress and the motivation for the struggle. Without love, struggle loses it’s raison d’ etre, forfeits its redeeming quality, severs its connection to the suffering of the real people we are struggling side-by-side with and fighting for.

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